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Jesse Jackson calls for Seinfeld boycott


Via TV Squad:

Jesse Jackson calls for Seinfeld boycott: If you've been following the Michael Richards apology tour, you know that the actor made an appearance on the Reverend Jesse Jackson's Keep Hope Alive radio program in which he claimed to be "shattered" by his own remarks. That wasn't good enough for the Rev. The day after Richards' appearance, Jackson called for a boycott of the recent seventh season Seinfeld DVD release to punish the actor where it really hurts - the pocketbook.


Uhm, pardon me, what? How, exactly, Mister Doctor Reverend Jackson, does that logic work? You are calling for a boycott that impacts a bunch of people who had nothing to do with Michael Richards' racist outburst. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the impacted people probably don't talk to Kramer any more and/or never have.

Do you think it's just to punish an entire group of people when one person does something wrong eight years after that group has disbanded? Actually, I suppose we already have the answer to that: Apparently, you do.

So, with that in mind, and with all due respect: Screw you, Jesse.

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