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50 things you may or may not know about cls/r3v


So, I've seen a few friends do this on their blogs recently. It's pretty simple. Just a list of 50 things about yourself. However, I wasn't sure I could do it without padding it a bit. So, I had to give it a go. Here it is:

- I dislike talking about myself, yet I have a blog... and am doing this stupid list thing.

- I am a mutli-geek: tech, comics, movies, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy...

- I am a technocrat. I consider luddites to be the enemy.

- I am a Junior College drop-out.

- I have worked for Apple Computer for over a decade... and I didn't mean to.

- I want to be a writer when I grow up.

- I am an INTJ. Heavy on the I, heavy on the J.

- I am a good communicator, when it doesn't involve my personal life.

- I dislike all the popular American sports. Give me Soccer, Hockey and Martial Arts.

- I am an only child.

- I have tons of cousins, but talk to none of them regularly.

- I am an atheist. I was not raised that way.

- I have religious friends, but rarely discuss religion with most of them.

- I am a vehement skeptic.

- I like television and think people who discount it, or any medium, outright are stupid.

- I have two tattoos and plans for at least half a dozen more. My mom knows none of this.

- I am a fiscally conservative and socially liberal moderate. Do whatever you want... over there.

- I have a lot of caustic friends. I'm not so happy about it.

- I am a beer snob.

- I got busted for shoplifting as a kid.

- I am an unconvicted (i.e. never caught) felon.

- I believe more in the spirit of the law than the letter. We gamer geeks call that Chaotic Good.

- I find it to be uncomfortable drinking alcohol around my non-drinker friends.

- I am an ex-smoker and I started smoking relatively late in life (20s).

- I have been playing MMORPGs since they were called MUDs.

- I haven't dated many women, but when I was 17 I went out with a smokin' 22 year old. Go me.

- I sometimes wish I had joined the military at 18, even though it would have disappointed my (Navy) dad.

- I'm a music junkie and like most genres.

- I have enough "guilty pleasure" music to fill an iPod nano.

- I have a fragile ego and I know it.

- I am egotistical about one thing: I think I'm funny. Even if it's only to a minority of people.

- I am easily embarassed.

- I try to blend into the background, yet I am 6'3" and have long hair and visible tattoos.

- I have learned and forgotten how to play three musical instruments.

- I think guns are cool. Yes, that's right. I said: I think guns are cool.

- I have never lived outside the SF Bay Area, and I'm ok with that.

- I hate my voice, but wish I could sing.

- I'm not big on photos or videos of myself either.

- I am a patriot and I despise blind allegiance.

- I have horrible organizational abilities, but continue to make valiant attempts.

- I am prone to out of sight, out of mind.

- I did not get along with my father, yet I miss him still.

- I used to do Renn Faire. In the summer, I still miss wearing kilts.

- I know that there are more people that call me friend than I count as friends.

- I believe in the legalization of most drugs, but can't stand to hang around potheads and tweakers.

- I am an omnivore. I don't get meat & potatoes folk or vegetarians.

- I have a genetic disorder that causes me to be prone to lung collapses.

- I have definite real world heroes. Among them: Mark Twain, James Randi, Norman Borlaug, Groucho Marx, Chuck Jones, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith...

- I wrote this list while drinking a cocktail and playing World of Warcraft.

- I don't believe in fate, but I'm in love with a girl that seems to have been made for me. And yes, I saved that for last.

There ya go. Despite being somewhat introspective, I'm not particularly fond of myself as topic.. so this list was harder than it seems.

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