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CSI: Crappy Screenwriting Inside


CSI is one of the top rated shows on TV. I don't get it. It's very poorly written. Don't worry, I have a great example:

I recently watched a couple of episodes because they each had subject matter that appealed to me. (One had the SuicideGirls guest staring and this most recent one was about roller derby girls. What? Punk girls. If this is in any way surprising, you haven't met my girlfriend.) In the derby episode, they're testing all these bottles of stuff from a suspect's bathroom. The following witty dialog ensues:

Cop in Labcoat: "Do [women] need all these products?"

Girl in Labcoat: "You're asking me? I work in a lab."

Uh, ok. Girl In Labcoat is fully made up. Eyeshadow, liner, lipstick, etc. So, here's the thing. If your character is supposed to be a squint and spout trite lab-nerdy lines about not knowing about products... she shouldn't be made up like a girly girl.

Because that requires the use of products to achieve.

How fucking hard is that?