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270 Weeks... and Sylivia Brown Is Still A Lying Bitch


Ok, I suppose that's unfair. She's been a lying bitch a lot longer than that. It's only been 270 weeks since she accepted James Randi's challenge to prove her abilities.

Via James Randi Educational Foundation:

On September 3, 2001, Sylvia Browne accepted the specific protocol for a definitive test for the JREF million-dollar challenge, on Larry King Live. The box shows the number of weeks since that date. And, it has been more than 294 weeks since she first agreed to be tested on March 6, 2001!

There's a clip from the Larry King show on Randi's site. In it, Sylvia mentions that Randi has been challenging her for a while, but she has a "day job" (I'm not certain con artist should be called a "day job", it's insulting to people who work for a living)... however, she does accept the challenge. Of course, that was 2001.

270 weeks and she hasn't found a spare moment to follow through on her word?

Shocking, ain't it?

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