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Geekdrome ends


My favorite podcast, Geekdrome, is officially over. It had a good run, as podcasts go. 53 weekly episodes and most of them video. Podcasts run by hobbyists (as opposed to something like Keith and the Girl where it's a business) tend to end "too early", but I thought we had a few more months anyways.

There's a very large community surrounding this particular podcast, and we're trying to figure out how to maintain it post 'drome. Who knows if it will happen, but even if the community dissolves, I know there's a few people I'll still keep in contact with. So, that's cool.

However, in addition to a very entertaining show, it was also a great source of geek news and info. In one show, I was able to get movie, comic and gaming news for a couple of guys I learned to trust, or mistrust depending on the topic and now I am starting over at square one. Dammit.

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