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Multiverse + Fox = Firefly MMORPG


Multiverse Network is a company that focuses on creating an MMO engine on which other developers can build online games. The benefit here is that they provide all of the heavy lifting when it comes to coding the servers and clients, and then the development company can create the content and the rules of the game. It's not a new concept in the gaming world, first person shooters have been doing this for years, but it is new to the MMO genre and may lead to some interesting developments. Games that might not have otherwise been made because they don't have the mass appeal to warrant the undertaking might actually make it. It's a company I had intended to watch...

However, they now have my undivided attention.

Today, Multiverse issued a press release stating that they had signed a deal with Fox to create a Firefly based MMORPG. <fanboy>OMG OMG OMG</fanboy> It looks like Multiverse is intending Firefly to be it's flagship game and is hoping it will draw attention to it's product and the plethora of games being developed on it.

Certainly worked on me. Please proceed... I'll be watching very closely now.