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iPod Hi-Fi looks nifty, sounds niftier


Today, I got a chance to go and listen to the iPod Hi-Fi, the other produce we announced on the 28th. It sounds fantastic. It actually looks pretty cool, in person, as well. (I know a lot of people have differing opinions on the aesthetics of it, but that's a taste thing... and yours doesn't count here.) It's also ridiculously easy to set-up, of course. The price-tag... well, let's just say this thing has a limited target market, eh?

The cool thing, though, was that I got to go listen to them the same way that they were presented to the press on Tuesday. There were four rooms built inside two of our very large conference rooms (Garage I&II, for those in the know). These four rooms were completely furnished and set up to display how the products (the mini was also on display) could be set up in a bedroom, kitchen, living room and homeoffice. Serving suggestions, if you will.

The folks that put it together did a good job. There wasn't a single hint of the old room(s) there. There was fresh carpeting, molding, yadda yadda yadda. The living room, complete with 36" flat panel tv, couches, etc was much nicer than my real one. The kitchen? The kitchen was not only nicer than my kitchen, it was nicer than your kitchen.

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