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r3v.com now runs WordPress.


(If you're reading this via the feed, then this is old news... you already know I changed blog software. If you're reading it via the web...)

Hi. You might notice some changes. Please, keep in mind I'm not ANYWHERE near finishing the UI/Aesthetics and haven't put up all my pages yet. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the new site so I could refrain from posting to two blogs at once.

I've moved to WordPress for my blog software.

Blosxom has been a GREAT blog system and served my needs for years. It's great software for those that want to tinker with the (Perl) code and make some of their own hacks. It's light-weight and elegantly written.

However, I've decided I wanted a more robust blog capable of communicating with services such as technorati, del.ico.us, flickr, digg, and using stuff like trackbacks, pings and (for NOW) comments... etc; without having to do the hacking myself. I have more fun projects in mind. Some less fun ones too, but those pay.

So, anyways, say hello to Wordpess. (Ciao, Blosxom. It's been fun. I'll still sing your praises when appropriate.)

The new RSS feed URL is: /?feed=rss2

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