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Eric on Second Life


Ever since I posted about being in Second Life, questions have been trickling in about it via email and IMs. I should point out, that while I've known about Second Life for quite some time (I had heard an interview with a developer prior to launch) and have done some research here and there, I'm be no means an expert. In fact, I haven't spent much time there. I'm looking forward to them releasing a Universal Binary version of the client, because then it will run decently on my iMac.

Eric has posted an article entitled How to learn about Second Life before learning Second Life. Here's a snippet:

Via EricRice.com:

How to learn about Second Life before learning Second Life:First. I'm going to be parental here and tell you to slow down and chew your food. Why? Because there's a lot to consume. And the definition of what or why, in regards to SL, depends on your frame of reference and your purpose in life (real or otherwise). Skipping too far ahead will cause impatience and confusion. (Confusion and delay! (name that kids' show))

It looks like he's planning a series of articls on SL (I got that from the part where he said "allow me to start my series") which I look forward to reading, and suggest that you follow along at home if you have any interest in Second Life.

PS: My favorite line is "Try to open your mind to see the subtext." Now that shit's deep. :)

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