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DIGG: HBO to offer content on iTunes


Yet more TV-related shows have debuted on iTunes in the US, this time from HBO's globally successful series, 'The Sopranos' along with other HBO shows such as 'Big Love', 'Rome' and 'Entourage'.

I'm glad to see HBO coming aboard the good ship iTunes. However, I wish they'd get both feet on deck. Right now, one's still on the dock if their planning not to offer full shows. Not only did Showtime, along with other networks, beat HBO to the punch... they had the follow through. In other words, HBO's biggest competitor, Showtime has full length versions of their content (from dramas and comedies to boxing) and HBO plans only to offer TV-related shows? Snippets and shows about their shows? Meta-content?

Come on, HBO. If you don't think you'd make money off of selling the full length shows, you're not paying attention.

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