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Monday Malaise & Meat Madness


There are a lot of days that I don't want to be at work. Not that I hate my job (right now) or anything. I work with some great people and for a great company. It's just... I'm pretty certain that my first act after winning the lottery would be to write my resignation letter. On the back of a booze-stained cocktail napkin. I think those people who want to continue working after they somehow become set to life are the incorrect recipients for large sums of money and should have to give it back. You want to be a worker bee? Fine, but you're not getting that Hummer then!

Where was I? Oh yeah. Today, however, just seems extra Mondayish. I feel like quoting Dante from Clerks; walking around the office repeating "I'm not even supposed to be here today." Unfortunately, it's entirely untrue.

On a completely unrelated side note: I finally had some meat from Los Gatos Meats & Smokehouse, a small carnivore supply store just down the street that has very incompatible business hours with my life. Annette picked up some excellent bacon, turkey burgers and a giant chicken breast. When I say giant, I mean it. It must have come from the Lord of All Chickens, the progenitor of the species. At any rate, I hope to go get some of their jerky and steak soon... if I can manage to get there before 4pm. (wtf?) Then I shall yelp their praises.

PS: There's something I find oddly amusing, or perhaps amusingly odd, about technorati tagging such a pointless post as this, but I am doing it anyway: