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Brilliant Myspace Spam


Myspace spam is pretty funny and, yet at the same time, quite impressive in it's complexity. I got this message on myspace recently from a Claudine:

i am not into this freinds trying to find dates for freinds but this colleague of mine was looking at your profile and might have a crush on you. we are trying to find her a good partner, everyone in our group has someone. u seem like a cute good hearted person,we voted 3-1 for u, here look at our freind and see if u are interested, Here is the link

3 to 1? Who's the motherfucker that voted against me? Fucker.

Er, anyways. The link that followed was to add Ashley as a friend. If you look at Ashley's sole blog entry, you'll see it references the crush mentioned in the original message.

I was browsing profiles and I ran into a person that reminded me of my 1st crush. I read their myspace and it made me nervous because the person that I once fell for passed away when we started getting serious. I think it might be fate for me to get to know them. I am shy and I don't know where I should take this. I hope that they are reading this. I am a special girl who is looking for a special person and I hope that myspace is it.I have always been a little wild and I hope it doesn't offend the others. Oh well enough of me rambling. I'll think about what Im going to do next.

ZOMG! SHE'S TALKING ABOUT ME!!!1 I'm so lucky because I remind her of her first cursh who is, conveniently, dead which means he poses no threat to our budding relationship! WOW! IMAGINE THE LUCK.

Also, a few days ago, I got a message from Svetlana. She's a Russian woman who sent me a long mail discussing her interests, studies, cat, history and desires... all in massively broken English. No really, I am sure she really is a beautiful young Russian woman. I've seen those Russian Bride sites. Some hot stuff there.

Of course, those sites taught me a very important lesson about shopping online while drunk. Those girls do NOT like bring returned.

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