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Distributed BoingBoing, for those blocked by censorware


I'm now running Distributed BoingBoing because I think it's lame that Smartfilter is blocking them. dbb,php is a project of Mark Christian which you can find here.

For more on the BoingBoing v Smartfilter stuff check out some of the links below.

Via Boing Boing:

Distributed BoingBoing, for those blocked by censorware: Xeni Jardin:

BoingBoing reader Mark says,

Hey, guys. I really hate SmartFilter, and I just knew there had to be something I could do. This idea came to me a few days ago. It's called Distributed Boing Boing -- it's a very simple script that anyone can put on their server. When people visit that page, it automatically fetches Boing Boing and serves up through their server -- sort of an automatic mirror. The code gets rewritten automagically to keep links working through the proxy server. It doesn't require any configuration, and it's totally safe -- only files hosted on *.boingboing.net will get passed through. Help spread the word and help keep Boing Boing flowing.

PS: You guys rock. Seriously, I love this place.

Link to Distributed BoingBoing. Thank you, Mark!


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