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DIGG: Apple has images of burned Macbook Magsafe connector removed


Important disclaimer: I do not speak for my employer. If I did, they would pay me more money and make me dress nicer.

From Digg:

After a digg story posted yesterday got so mu attention, that Apple requested to have the images removed after offering to replace the Macbook.

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Ok, first of all, there are two very important things to note about this story:

First, the title is very misleading. It implies that Apple demanded that the pictures be removed, when, in fact, Apple requested that he take the pictures down. There difference is far from semantic. Words, especially those in a title, are important people. Think when you submit a story.

Second, the person posted the pictures before contacting Apple. People are reacting as if Apple wasn't giving him the time of day, so he retaliated with a flickr post that then prompted Apple to get off it's arse and be nice to the guy. Had he contacted Apple straight away, guess what? He'd have still received a new MacBook Pro. Fucking hell, people. Try to see the big picture. Yes, Apple is a corporation and therefore motivated by profit. Therefore, it's in Apple's best interest to keep him satisfied so that when he buys his next computer he thinks, "Hey, Apple really took care of me with that MacBookPro fiasco, I think I'll stick with them."

The other thing I'd like to comment on isn't so much about the story, it's about the comments on Digg about the story. I am sure the comments there are similar to what you'd find on Slashdot or many other geek forums. The anti-Apple zealots decry Apple as evil and rejoice in supposedly revealing the company as the horrible entity that they've always known it to be... and then they claim anyone with an opposing viewpoint is a cult member and koolaid drinker. It's fucking ludicrous and there is no point. This baiting and trolling that you do simply serves to highlight how much of an ignorant jackass you are.

And no, not ignorant about the Mac (well, maybe that too), but ignorant about the world and how to be a constructive part of it. There's a reason your comments are getting buried on digg... it's because your thoughts aren't worthy of actual intellectual discourse. Jackass.

I can understand not liking Apple products, or even hating them. You're free not to use them. Just as I am free to have a Microsoft free household. Yay, we all win. Except I win more than you.

Allow me to leave you with this entry from my very old quote file:

Thou shalt not battle over operating systems. I am wise and in My wisdom have created diverse and various operating systems. Be true unto thy chosen system and neither covet nor despise thy neighbor's operating system.

-#Macintosh IRC ChanOp upon kicking a disruptive user

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