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House of Cosbys mirrored on r3v.com


House of Cosbys is a pretty funny series of animated shorts. It's all about a guy who was a big Bill Cosby fan and wanted one of his own ("to entertain me and tell me Cosby jokes all the time") and it goes a little too far ("Each Cosby is getting worse than the last, you see.")

Well, newsflash, boys and girls. Dr. Huxtable is dead and buried. The pudding guy has turned sour. And who the hell knows what happened the the jovial comedian that chatted with kids who said the darnedest things. That's right, Bill Cosby has become a cranky old man.

That's right. The Cosby Legal Team has issued a cease and desist. Apparently they've never heard of parody. Yeah. That. The thing that's protected by US Law.

Andy Baio of Waxy.org is the recipient of this cease and decist and he is, rightfully, standing his ground which is quite refreshing in this era of litigious threats and duck & cover. Read about it here.

I've decided to help him out and mirror the files here for the time being. I'll leave them up here until this blows over and I want the space back. Unless of course I receive some correspondence from The Cosby Legal Team. That might extend the length of the time that the files hang around here.