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DIGG: Upgrade your Comcast Moto 6412 DVR to TiVo Software!


CEO Tom Rogers sat down for a video interview with Reuters today. The big news is the TiVo-powered Comcast boxes are on target for late this year... and it sounds like our existing boxes will be upgraded over the network via a software "burst."

Ok, so that Digg headline is really rather misleading, but this is still really good news for those of us who have Comcast DVRs right now. The short version is that eventually, through a deal between Comcast and TiVo, they plan to flash the Comcast DVRs with the TiVo software.

I'm a TiVo fan and user In the past, I had two TiVos running at once. One of them is still in use. The only reason I replaced my living room TiVo with the Motorola 6412 DVR that Comcast uses is because it's HD-capable.

Not that that was my only gripe with TiVo... I'm pretty irritated by A) the fact that they completely lag behind with TivoToGo and TiVo Home Media development for the Macintosh platform, 2) the fact that it's not a dual-tuner box (in fact, it requires a separate cable box), iii) the complete security oversight that it only supports WEP wireless encryption, D) the

lame fact that it's network connection is over USB 1.1 (which really sort of negates using 802.11g to transfer big ole video files) and of course FIVE) no HD support.

TiVo series 3 is supposed come out next year, I think, and will address most of those issues. Great. Sounds lovely. But I have HD service and an HD TV now (more on that in a future blog post)... so I had to go with the only option open to me: the Moto box.

The Motorola 6412 DVR has some really good features. It's HD, of course. It's a dual tuner cable box. Ok, well, those are the two really good features. The one kinda neat UI thing is that you get a little window still playing your current channel/recording while looking at the menus.

Hrm, UI... what does that lead to? Oh yeah, the list of shitty stuff with the 6412. First up, the UI is horrible. I've seen better UI come out of Microsoft. I suppose TiVo spoiled me with their grid set up for entering show titles, but the Moto sollution is just horrible. Hell, stand up arcade games from the eighties had better text input methods than the 6412.

Also, it has some really bad logic. Say you're on a channel that you are recording and you want to change the channel to watch something else. Shouldn't be a problem since you have dual tuners, right? WRONG. It will ask if you want to cancel the recording. (wtf?) If you were already ON a different channel, then no problem.

Oh, and there's the fact that it needs to be reset like, once every four to six days. Ok, I haven't counted... but it feels like slightly more than weekly... but not twice a week. Originally, it was a massive pain to reset it because I had to call the cable company and ask them to do it... till I was on hold too long and found out I could do the same thing by yanking out the power cord on the back. I guess my tolerance for freezes and crashes has dropped since I stopped running windows and operate a solely Macintosh powered home now. heh.

Anyways... as always, the future can't get here soon enough.

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