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The Unit... like Rainbow Six on TV


Are ya kidding? Get to shoot guns, jump out of airplanes and come home to your family. It's damned near perfect.

Every once in a while, there's a TV show which I know will soon be cancelled because I enjoy it too much. The most recent inductees to this prestigious list includes: Firefly, Dead Like Me, Battlestar Galactica, Over There... You can see that I have about a 75% success rate in killing shows just by the mere act of liking them. Producers should fear me.

Now I have my sights on The Unit, a show about a Delta Force team. It's like Rainbow Six on TV.

(BTW: This review is a little long, so I am testing breaking up the post into two sections. I won't do this often, as I tend to prefer having the whole post in the RSS feed myself. Ah, ha! It still puts the whole thing in the RSS feed, it just splits it on the web page. That's excellent. Much cleaner.)

Apparently, it doesn't get every little military detail right, but never having been in the military, I don't really care. I care whether or not it has interesting stories, engaging characters and good dialog. Much like when I watch a movie about geeks, hackers or the 'net... they don't have to get the technical shit right on the dot, as long as they have a good story to tell. I can ignore most inaccuracies or oversights in the name of suspension of disbelief if I'm motivated enough by the story to do so.

(Of course, there are limits. Anyone remember the ? from The Net?)

Anyways, this show has enough ingredients in the recipe to keep me interested. In addition to focusing on the Delta guys, the show also tells the stories of their wives. I like that because it humanizes the characters a bit more than if you just watched the Delta dudes doing their thing. (One detractor on IMDB called this part of the show Desperate Military Housewives, pretty clever but he'd already written the show off due too many inaccuracies; including the "fact" that many military wives "are homely and over weight." *blink* That dude's either single, or married to a very unlcuky woman.) Anyhow, I like the Military Wives part of the show.

A couple of the characters are a little cardboard-cutout-y, but the actors playing those roles are good and so there's room for both them and the writers to grow them. Dennis Haysbert, perhaps better known as "President Palmer from 24" and "the guy on those Allstate commercials", is perfect example of this.

Another name of note on this show is Eric L. Haney. He's got Supervising Producer and Writer credits for the show. Oh yeah, and he was a founding fucking member of Delta Force. I think if he can sign off on the military inaccuracies... I can make a little effort to see past them.

I figure you're gonna come back as a hero or as a real good anecdote.

I sure will miss this show when it's cancelled though.