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DIGG: Zombie MMO???


A buddy of mine just forwarded me this link. Turns out the name mean lifeless in Latin. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm a HUGE Zombie and HUGE MMO fan!!!

Exanimus (or properly ex animus) means "out of life" and implies something about the undead. But, frankly, this is lots of speculation based on a a domain name and an image; something many diggers were quick to point out. However, I sitll think this would be friggin' cool.

The idea of a Zombie MMO (where, presumably, you're on the living side and band together with other survivors to try and stay alive) ranks right up there with the notion of a true Pirate MMO and a Shadowrun MMO.

But just say no to Ninja MMOs. Pirate>Ninja.

So, anyways, who knows if this wild speculation is way off or if this game will ever come out or what. The cool thing about this is that I learned about a a web game called Urban Dead.

Oh, and also a note to Alex: chill on the exclamation points and question marks. It makes you sound like an excitable chihuahua. Well, if chihuahuas could type.

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