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I mentioned on 08MAR06 that I was planning to dump Verizon Wireless in favor of Cingular. Well, I pulled the trigged yesterday and am now in possession of a fully functional black RAZR.

Less than a day, I've had the phone and the service, and it's already a much nicer experience. I synced my AddressBook over bluetooth with no issues. I've taken pictures and transfered them off the phone, for free, using bluetooth. (Like you're supposed to be able to with a bluetooth phone.) Coverage for both my home and work is great.

I swear, the birds are singing and the sun is shining now. It's like being in a fucking Disney movie. There are squirrels running around my feet and a little deer sticking his head out of the bushes. I shit you not.

Good Riddance, Verizon Wireless. You won't be missed.

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