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Army won't allow Wiccan symbol on dead soldier's grave


Via Boing Boing:

Army won't allow Wiccan symbol on dead soldier's grave: Xeni Jardin:
The widow of a National Guard seargant killed in Afghanistan last year is protesting the military's decision not to allow a pentagram -- the symbol of his faith -- on his grave in a military cemetary.

Stewart was a follower of the Wiccan religion, which is not recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs for use in its cemeteries.

Stewart's widow, Roberta, said she will wait until her family's religion -- and its five-pointed star enclosed in a circle, with one point facing skyward -- is recognized for use on memorials before Stewart's plaque is installed.

"It's completely blank," Roberta Stewart said, pointing to her husband's place on the memorial.

She said she had no idea the pentacle could not be used on her husband's memorial plaque until she had to deal with the agency after the death of her husband.

"It's discrimination," she said. "They are discriminating against our religion."

Link (Thanks, marc)

Of course you have freedom of religion here. You are free to choose any Christian faith you want. Well, ok you can be Jewish if you want too. Just choose something else. I am sure they have a cross or star of david they can put on his tombstone. I'm sure he won't mind. After all, he's basically being saved from his heathen ways, right?

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