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Urban farm in South Central LA gets eviction notice, Wal-Mart imminent


OK, so it's two Boing Boing posts in a row... deal.

Via Boing Boing:

Urban farm in South Central LA gets eviction notice, Wal-Mart imminent: Xeni Jardin:
Dean says,
For thirteen years, in the depressed inner city of south central LA, 250 families have been feeding themselves on with organic fruits and vegetables grown on a farm that was once completely paved and considered completely useless for growing anything on.

The farm has almost zero fossil fuel imput and zero transport cost. It's a model the whole world should be copying, but instead the city has decided to give them an eviction notice. The sheriff's office delivered the notice on March 1st. This farm does great things, and its in everybody's best interest that it survive.

The city wants to replace it with a Wal-Mart.

Links to the farm's website, the eviction notice, and the mayor's email address are all included here.

Ok, any of you who know me should know that I am pretty far from a tree-hugging, love thy environment, dirty hippie... but fucking hell. This is just fucking typical.

Some people figure out a way, through ingenuity and hard work, to grow food in the middle of fucking SOUTH CENTRAL LA and they're getting shut down. For what? A fucking Wal-mart warehouse.