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Light up animated Pac-Man bicycle wheels


Via MAKE Magazine:

Light up animated Pac-Man bicycle wheels: Pacanim

Ladyada writes about her Pac-Man wheels - "The technology here is "persistence of vision"...when LEDs move fast enough they can "draw" an image when the wheel spins. That's the basis behind both the MiniPOV and SpokePOV toys that I designed last year. I rode this design around last burningman, obviously ive adjusted the image so they're "upside down" here for better photographing! If you'd like to build your own, check out the full instructions on Instructables - Link.

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MAKE magazine features a LOT of cool stuff, but this... Holy crap. I mean, just... holy fucking crap. SO cool. Those nimrods with neonlights under their cars and in their PC cases should prostrate themselves at the feet of this woman. After bringing her Frankincense and Myrrh.

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Update: Also on digg. Links to the MAKE article, but digg it there too. ;)