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Preparing to becoming VerizonWirelessless


Soon, I will be VerizonWirelessLess. I'm ditching them for the greener pastures of Cingular. It's not so much that Cingular is awesome, but rather that I am tired of the suckage that is Verizon. My inner consumer is still a little hurt by the fact that Verizon crippled the bluetooth on the v710. No, actually, he's pissed. Especially after there was a class action suit that resulted in a settlement for $25 per person. Twenty-five dollars? That's a little insulting. How about fixing my handicapped phone, you greedy fucks?

For a long time, Verizon had the best service in the area, but a completely anemic selection of phones. However, times are changing, I think. Verizon now has such phones as the RAZR (wow... not exactly the newest phone anymore is it?, plus it's crippled like the v710). Ok, not so impressive after all. What about the other side of the scale? Cingular's got the better phones (like the D307), of course, and supposedly coverage has gotten better.

Cingular claims:

A leading independent research company has concluded Cingular has fewer dropped calls than Sprint and Verizon and is the most reliable network in the Bay Area.

That's no surprise. In the past year we invested over $275 million in the network and installed 200 new cell sites in the Bay Area alone.

Yeah, whatever. We'll see about that. (For the record, Annette borrowed her mom's Cingular phone and did a bit of coverage testing and it turned out well.) But I won't believe the hype. I will, however, pretend to believe in trade for a fully functional phone. K, deal?

Oh, also, Verizon... I should tell you that when I go, so does Annette. She'll be going to Cingular with me (for the free mobile to mobile and the cooler phones). I think I also accidentally convinced Smittie (another v710 victim) to jump ship too. That's three accounts, and counting, I've cost ya Verizon.

And one more thing, if I discover that Cingular coverage is good enough in my apartment, I'll probably be ditching my landline. Guess who my telephone company is? That's right. Verizon. Let's go ahead and call that four accounts, ok?

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