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Man stabbed for his PowerBook in SF WiFi cafe


You a mobile geek? Maybe you should look into some protection. Or at least prepare in other ways. (Tenuously related sidenote: Got a Powerbook with motion sensor or MacBook Pro? Check this out.)

Via Boing Boing:

Man stabbed for his PowerBook in SF WiFi cafe: Xeni Jardin:
A San Francisco man working on his PowerBook at a wireless cafe was stabbed and robbed -- for his computer:

"I looked up, and I saw this guy leaning into me as if he was asking a question,'' he said. "I leaned forward, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone fiddling with the computer cord. I tried to stand up, and as I stepped back, he stabbed me in the chest.''

The attack marked a violent turn in a wave of crime that has hit the city -- the "hot spots" frequented by wireless laptop users are becoming hot spots for laptop robberies.

The 40-year-old San Francisco victim of the March 16 attack suffered a partially collapsed lung and was hospitalized for six days.

Link (Thanks, Zed)

Yeow. Ok, that's fucking brutal. In the article, one of the inspectors says, "It's a tough call -- I would fight to maintain my laptop, but you run the risk of ending up like this guy, getting stabbed." I feel it important to point out that he wasn't trying to fight back, he got stabbed as sort of a preventive measure. Sort of like the car jacker shooting you in the face and THEN telling you to get out of the car. How do you comply for your own safety? You don't.

If you're the sort (and most of my friends are) to have a laptop out in public, try to remember to be aware of your surroundings. Don't be paranoid... just be careful.

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