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Yelped: Blue Moon


Blue Moon - MonteryBlue Moon - Montery, originally uploaded by r3v||cls.

Saturday, we drove down to Monterey to take Liam to the Aquarium. When he passed out, we feasted at the Blue Moon. I yelped it here. It's my favorite restaurant in Monterey. That's a prestigious award, because it's up against "that bacon place" (a great little diner-ish breakfast spot that probably is known by another name in the Yellow Pages).

Pictured here is some sort of crab, mango, and other stuff sculpture they served Annette. Eating here is like being served art on a plate.

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Edit/PS: Also yelped the Beach Hotel we stayed at during the Monterey Wine N Whales Extravaganza.

Edit/PS2: Hey, lookit that. I blogged the true name of the bacon place... Laguna's Cafe. Even diary type blog entries are actually useful for something occasionally. Neat. Too bad it looks like that cafe might be gone...