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Boo :(


BooBoo :(, originally uploaded by r3v||cls.

Boo is not feeling well. He had surgery on his mouth on Thursday and has been convalescing in his "I don't feel good spot". Saturday, his appetite still hadn't returned, so we took him to the vet ER. He got hydrated and put on more meds. I'm now giving him pain meds and antibotics twice a day, as well as an anti-inflammatory once a day. That's less than fun, because you have to pry open his mouth; where he had his surgery. Makes me feel mean every time I do it.

He still won't eat on his own, but I can get him to eat baby food off of my finger. (No, not off the plate seen in the picture, it apparently tastes better off my finger.) Since you most likely dont know Boo, I should point out that him not eating is a bit like me not being sarcastic. It's a bad sign.

Poor Boo. It's very depressing and I feel bad for him.

This concludes my blog entry about my cat. Later I will post about what I had for dinner or something. Or maybe the weather.