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Boo is home.


Boo is home.Boo is home., originally uploaded by r3v||cls.
New look for Boo?

So, I brought Boo home today. He's still shaved in several places and so I thought it was time to take an unflattering picture. (He actually looks a little better than the picture when he's walking around or eating... but I waited for the more unflattering shot possible. heh.)

The last 48 hours have been a real rollercoaster. Two nights ago the prognosis was a bad as it could be with out being 100% negative. The next morning, it was almost completely reversed and he's been on the upswing since.

So, he's home and doing a lot better. He started grooming himself once I got him home, which is a good sign. He's on a regimen of pills, and I expect that to be really fun over the next few days.

It's been a tough week. He's a fairly small animal, but it's amazing how much space he takes up in my home. My apartment has been very empty without him.

So, on that note... thanks for all the well wishes and inquiries to his well-being. I hope this concludes my series of entries on Boo. :)