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Maker Faire this weekend


04-22-06_165904-22-06_1659, originally uploaded by r3v||cls.

The Maker Faire is this weekend in San Mateo. Annette and I drove up to take a look around and visit with Toast and Jillian.

The pic shown here is them showing off a shopbot robot and their wooden wares. They use the shopbot along with 3d and plotting software to do some pretty cool stuff. See their kickass products at BecauseWeCan.org.

The faire has a great vibe. Very casual and friendly with an awesome blend of freaks and geeks of all walks. Where else do you get to see everything from robots, to knitting, to legos, to art cars, to Woz on a Segway? If you can make it there tomorrow, I suggest you do. If not, plan to go next year and we will see ya there.