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Ricky Manning Jr keeps the stereotype alive


Did you ever wonder if those asshole jocks who bullied kids in high school ever became real, worthwile human beings out in the real world? No, not if they become professional atheletes, apparently. Thanks for the newsflash, Ricky Manning Jr. Good to know you're still the same troglodyte your probably were in high school.

From the article:

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Police Department detective Robert Lewis said a group of people -- including Manning -- attacked a man in a Denny's restaurant after teasing him for working on a laptop computer.

"The group began by making comments that the victim looked like a geek or a nerd," Lewis said, according to the Sun-Times.

The newspaper quoted Lewis saying the victim complained to a Denny's manager. He was then punched in the face, then punched and kicked by multiple attackers until losing consciousness.

One can only hope that the law comes down on the right side of this, and that then the victim takes it to civil court and scores big. Oh, I suppose I could also hope that Ricky Manning Jr is hit by a bus... after being dumped by the NFL and his fiancé.

Hrm, I also wouldn't be too broken up if his website ( I think it's <dickheadfootballjock.com> ) got hacked and his email ( mailto:fanmail@manning24.com) spammed to the point of no return. Of course, I wouldn't condone that sort of thing.

At any rate, there had better be serious repercussions to acting like an immature high-school bully out in the real world.

(And you thought getting robbed was the only danger in using a laptop in public.)

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