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Comic Books (a request, and some pimpage)


First, the request: I'm looking for a good comic book website with forums. See, I'm not as submerged in the comics world as I was 15 years ago, but still enjoy reading a few select titles. The one thing I miss about buying comics online (more on this in a minute) is the comic shop experience. Every shop has it's own personality and atmosphere. Some guys behind the counter are like The Comic Book Guy, others are more like Dante and Randal from Clerks. It's a great place to chat with psuedo-random people about comics and other geeky endeavors. So, I'm looking to find a site that has a decent crowd of people to talk comics with. (And, please, the less blank vs blank theory threads the better... (We all know Wolverine would eviscerate Batman. *Snikt*)) So, anyways, drop me a line if you have a good recommendation. c l s a t m a c d o t c o m, in case you didn't know.

Second, the pimpage: Despite the above paragraph, the convenience of buying online cannot be trumped by the experience. At least not with the amount of time in my day. So, Sci-Fi Genre is where I buy my comics. They just redid their subscription interface, so I thought it would be a good time mention 'em here. They offer good service and cheap shipping. Every comic is shipped bagged and boarded, for free.

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