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Technorati_Tags or Technorati Tags or TechnoratiTags?


(Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! The following post is very boring!)

I like Technorati. It's a neat way to see what's being discussed in the Arena of Blogs (searching for a better term than blogosphere... maybe blog-o-drome?). Also, tagging is a great organizational tool. It helps me not only categorize the post better, but also organize my thoughts and keep that particular post on topic.

However, I keep coming across the need to use multi-word tags. For example, in the prior post about comic books, I tagged it with "comics" and "comic books".

So, the dilemma is... how do you deal with the space? ComicBooks, no space? Comic_Books, with the underscore? Or, all fancy-like with the space entity: Comic%20Books? That last one means you have to put a %20 in the URL, but remove it form the linked text so it still looks pretty.

The annoying thing is that there appears to be no consensus. All three of those types of tags get you results on Technorati when you go look. (Oddly enough, when I searched comicbooks my last post came up, even though I went the %20 route. so maybe this is all moot?)

To further irritate educate myself, I also found a fourth method this morning: the plus+sign. >.<