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Akismet > Spam


A few weeks ago, my site was hit with comment spam bombs. Essentially, there was a crater where my blog used to be and a mushroom cloud of spam above. Of course, it didn't look like this to any readers, since comments from unapproved users get shoved into a queue and await my blessing. Behind the scenes, however, I unleashed a stream of profanity that would've made George Carlin blush.

So, I went looking for anti-spam tools. Akismet is the one WordPress seems to recommend, so I started there. And, so far so good. Akismet captures about 98% of the spam. (It's true, I did the math. It's exactly 98.1% over the last week.) It claims to have caught 932 comments since I installed it, however I know that it's stats are off because I've been loosely keeping track and therefore I know that it's lowballing it. It's actually caught closer to 1600 comments. What's even more impressive is the fact that I've seen zero false positives.

So, let's see... what was the point of all this? Oh yes, fuck you spammers. Fuck you in the neck.

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