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While driving, working, playing, sleeping, showering, whatever, I day dream about odd projects. One of plethora of these vapor-projects was a Yelp-like site that focused on alcohol. It started with beer, really. I thought it would be cool if you had a place to rate and log beers you had tried and share that data with friends. Then I realized that it needed to be about all alcohol. Scotch, Tequila, etc all need their love too. Then I thought about wine and the little thought bubble above my head turned into a rain cloud.

I love wine, but it magnifies the complexity of the task by a factor of ten. And so, yet another project that never really had a chance to seeing the light of day was even further doomed.

Fortunately, and not unsurprisingly, I wasn't the only one with the idea. Cork'd is a site feature exactly what I mentioned. Well, except it's only about wine. And it has more features. And it exists.


Via Uncrate:

Cork'd - It's super tough to find good wine. Between the wine snob at store and the incomprehensible reviews in the wine magazines, there's not much out there to help us normal wine drinkers. Luckily, Cork'd is...

So, while I don't agree with the Uncrate guys about the difficulty in finding good wine (the difficulty comes in avoiding bad wine, which is a different task) I'm pretty stoked about their find.

Cork'd features a place for your tasting notes, reviews, shopping list, wine collection and friends. It's really a great idea for wine enthusiasts. I'm glad someone with the time and, well, gumption, to follow through had the idea.

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