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Ohmigod. It's full of links!


Avid r3v.com blog readers might notice a plethora of links being posted over the past few days. More than usual. I've taken to using del.ico.us for nearly all of my bookmarking needs.

This means I'm bookmarking lots of sites that I frequent, not just sites that are cool and shareable. (Of course, if I think the site is bookmarkable it must be cool, right?)

Also, after bouncing back and forth between several browsers (Firefox, Camino, and Safari mostly), I've landed back in the Firefox camp. The thing that pushes it over the top? Plugins.

On that note, there are plenty of plugins for Firefox that allow you to put links to your del.ico.us account... but are there any that allow for easy/automagic import of del.ico.us links into Firefox bookmarks?

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