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Micro Rice Cooker


No, a "Micro Rice Cooker" is not a rice cooker for really small rice. Rather, it's a single serving rice cooker for the microwave and it's awesome.

I love rice. All sorts, really... but sometimes you need some good old fashioned sticky rice. However, I didn't want to get and use a full-sized rice cooker for single servings of rice. Clean up after dinner is already chore enough.

Enter the "Micro Rice Cooker" from straight from Japan. (Straight, by way of Compact Impact in New York that is... but that's nit picking.) Basically, it's just a specially designed bowl perfect for microwaving rice. Add rice to the first fill line, water to the second. Let sit for 10-15, and then microwave for 15.

I got mine a few days ago and tried it out last night. It works great. Simple to use, easy to clean...and it produces good, fluffy, sticky rice. Couldn't ask for much more. Well, instructions in English woulda been nice, but I was able to get them from the site where I bought the cooker.

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