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No sports fan, but I love me some World Cup.


When most people who know me, think of a sports fan they don't think of me. Unless they're playing a game called "What's the opposite of-". However, I DO like some sports. They're just not the most popular sports in the states, generally. Shocking.

Football, basketball and baseball (sorted in order of least to most boring) just do nothing for me. (Ok, I will admit, I did like the XFL. That was some fun football, even if those guys weren't very good.) I like hockey and soccer, really. I don't really get into hockey, though. I pay attention around Stanley Cup time and during the Olympics, but otherwise I let regular play slide on by. I've decided it's because a season is just too much sports for me. Tournaments are much more interesting.

That's why I'm pretty happy every four years when it's FIFA World Cup time. That, and it reminds of the old AYSO days... hehe

Not only do I get to watch my favorite sport (soccer) in my favorite format (tournament) but it's the most popular sport on the planet (even if it isn't so popular in the U.S.) and thus it's kind of this surreal thing when I become mainstream. I mean, I become one of the guys.

See, it may not be popular in the U.S. as a whole, but my department at work is an International group. Full of Irish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more. So around here, the World Cup is a BIG deal. And I'm part of it. Weird, huh? Also, kinda cool.

I'm pretty happy that it only happens once every four years though. I can't take that kind of camaraderie too often.

Anyways, World Cup 2006 has started with in Germany, and the home team has already brought some pride to the fatherland by beating Costa Rica in the first game of the tournament.

Heh, don't worry folks... my blog's not going to turn into a World Cup blog or anything like that. I might drop in a few posts about any really interesting games, like I did in 2002.

Oh, and Mac OS X using World Cup fans should downlaod Germany 2006 X. Neat little app.

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