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I'm now the proud owner of a brand new, black 2006 Volkswagen GTI MK V (2.0T). It fucking rules.

Fair warning. I'm about to gush, so stand back so you don't get any on you:

FSI direct fuel injection 2.0 litre turbo gives 200hp and 207 foot-pounds of torque at the wheel, stock. (Yes, testosterone readings spiked dramatically as I typed that.) It's an automatic... but it's one of the most bad ass automatic transmissions out there. Six-speed DSG twin-clutch with electronic paddle-shifting. DSG is Direct Shift Gearbox, and what that means is that it's got two manual gearboxes that are electronically controlled... and what THAT means is that while you're in, say, 4th gear, the other gearbox is anticipating whether you are going to upshift or downshift and has the appropriate gear ready to go. The car is electronically limited to 130mph. There are, of course, after-market chips...

The little bad-ass car sits on big bad-ass 18-inch rims that definitely make it look meaner. Oh, they improve handling too, of course.

It's got ESP (electronic stability program) and four-wheel ABS. Tons of storage, power sun/moonroof, great 10-speaker (yes, ten) sound system and awesome plaid seats. MPG is pretty decent and definitely better than my Mustang.

I plan to put in an aftermarket stereo so I can have both Sirius satelite and iPod integration in one unit. I think I found the stereo (Kenwood EZ900HDS with KCA-iP500), now I just need to find the shop to do the work. No way in hell am I installing it.

It makes me very happy. Anybody who says money can't buy happiness doesn't know shit about cars.

PS: I yelped my experiences at both Sunnyvale VW and Steven's Creek VW, if you're interested.

PPS: Yes, I know the downsides of a black car. I understand and accept the heat and scratching issues. It's my first, and who knows, maybe my last, black car. Thought I'd give it a shot.

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