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Some Casual Thoughts on Security


Eric had a post on "security smarties" today:

Via EricRice.com:

The problem with Internet Security smarties: How come when really smart people who know lots about security, get together and talk about security, they don’t really touch on the fact that so much of our lifestyle, attitudes, personal tastes, insights, patterns of behaviors and such- are placed so prominently on display, that anyone with the slightest shred of skills could engage in one-on-one pyschological warfare with people?

It’s not always roses. But if you’ve blogged, flickr’d, podcasted, and videoblogged, I’m fairly certain there’s enough public transparent and disclosed information on you in the world, that someone who wants to start hell on your brain…


Because you're not talking to the right security experts? (Or that's not the topic at hand for the conversation? Hard to suss the context of the question.)

All of the security specialists I know and respect always consider this fact. The ones that are actively involved in the security of a network are accutely aware of the fact that their users are their weakest link in security.

The best among them also know that security is a not a state, it's a process. Part of the process is education. Education of one's self and education of their users. This goes not only for security peoples, of course, but for everybody with anything to lose. And, guess what? That's everybody who ain't dead.

Eric mentions blogging, flickr'ing, podcasting, etc*. These are all good and wonderful tools for the online age. However, like most good tools, one needs to be conscious of how one uses them. When you're talking to the web, you're talking to the world... even if you don't think they're listening. Someone you don't like, or (more importantly) doesn't like you, will be listening when you don't want them to... So, gauge carefully what you toss into the great ocean of information.

* Note that the same goes for email, chatting and forum posts. Just because you think it's private doesn't mean it is.

Hrm, well.. this was supposed to be fairly conversational and now it's ended up bring soapboxy. Time to wrap it up.

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