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Survived Another Pilgrimage


Annette and I managed to survive another trip to Mecca Las Vegas. Three highlights:

1. Penn & Teller. We saw their show on Saturday night. It was awesome. I'm a huge fan of theirs and the show really delivered. It was intelligent, funny, impressive, patriotic and, ya know, magical. After the show, we also got to meet Teller (he spoke to me!) and Jonesy (great jazz pianist who plays before the show and supplies music for Penn's radio show). The line to meet Penn was a little long and we were off to a party, so I will have to meet him next time. Besides, we had forgot our camera. >.<

2. Drinks at Defcon. In case you were unawares, geeks can f'n party. It was fun meeting Annette's old 303 friends.

3. The third highlight? Well, the third highlight is what Vegas' motto is all about. At least as far as this blog is concerned. Heh.