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An Evening With Shanghai Kate


A couple of weeks ago, we went up to San Francisco so my Annette could get another piece of flesh inked up by the legendary (and that's no exaggeration) Shanghai Kate (aka Kate Hellenbrand). She got about 5 (out of 7) hours done on a pirate ship along her waist and ribs. It's awesome and will look fantastic when Kate finishes the coloring when we see her again in a few months.

Allow me to explain, for those of you not in the know, that Kate is a tattoo legend. She's been inking longer than I've been alive and has the talent and stories to prove it. The appointment was in her hotel room in Japantown and since it was just us and her there, I got to act as her assistant to help her set up. (Lemme tell ya, "Shanghai Kate's Assistant" is going on my mutherfuckin' resume.) Then we spent several hours with this legend, talking about everything from tattoos to TV to her Johnny Depp crush.

She's an awesome lady and I'd spend 5 or more hours with her anytime. Even if she's not torturing my girlfiend at the time.

If you wanna see pics of Annette's unfinished piece, you need to be her friend on myspace, I believe. That, or ask me real nice.

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