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'Cuz That's How This Geek Rolls, Bizznatches.


AKA Lazy Geeky Sunday.

Leaving your Sunday alarm set for the horrid hour of 08:30 has one benefit, if you're willing to resist turning it off and rolling over. After a couple of snoozes, I realized if I got up early I'd be able to get a lot more done today. Crazy theory, I know.

So shower n' shave and head out the door, I go. After a trip to Pete's to caffeinate, I realized I should have gotten dressed too. So, I rectified that and headed to the local Rasputin Music and Tower Records to hunt down an mc chris (more about him in an upcoming nerdcore post soon) record that iTunes doesn't have. No luck, but no surprise either since it's still sort of under ground (I guess? how does one tell in these days of the internets?) Did end up with a Dropkick Muprhy's disc I didn't have though. So, I decided I'd try CD Warehouse, across town.

On the way, I hit up my local comic shop, Little Shop of Heroes (best comic book shop name evah, btw) to pick up a couple of issues of a book I was missing which was preventing me from reading the series.

Then I swung by EB Games to peruse their used X-box game section. Having never owned an X-box, I find the plethora of games out there that I've never played to be a wondrous thing. All at very likeable prices, btw. Crimson Skies for $5? ysplskthx

I took a moment to cheer up the dude at the cash register who just got burtally lambasted by the previous customer over some stupid store policy matter. I cracked wise, in more ways than one. He laughed and so I felt like I did a good deed and I leapt into the batgeek-mobile and sped away.

I was on my way home when I pulled up next to a "Geek Squad" car. I don't appreciate them frontin' and perpetratin' like they're true geeks, so I whipped out the nine-mil and blasted 'em O.G. style.

Then I picked up some beer, got home, ordered a pizza and called my mom. She says hi, by the way.

I checked my mail (bills and a thank you note from a guy named Bill), then my email, and hey look... some new chick wants to be my friend on MySpace. Don't they all? Her name is Angel (of course it is) and she "just moved here from college (I dunno where that is) and a horrible relationship (awww)". I look at the picture. I blink. I look at the rest. Holy shit, I think this chick is a real doll (realdoll.com (NSFW) for those not in the know). Decide for yourself. Look into those eyes, man. Nothin' there.

Ok, now I need to wrap up some chores, see if I can't fix a perl script for work, crack open another beer and maybe get a little 360 in before it's time to hit WoW with the gang. Ok, another beer. Check. One out of four down.

This blog posted is based on a true story. Some events may have been exaggerated to enhance the drama.