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A couple of years ago, an irc buddy introduced me to the sound of some freak calling himself "mc chris". It was awesome. This guy was talented and funny as hell. Best of all, he was rapping about geek stuff. Some time passed, and I realized I wanted more of this stuff. So, I started digging and realized there were a lot of artists similar to mc chris. It was a whole sub-sub-sub-genre of awesomness.

So, now I think it's time to write something about nerdcore.

In the beginning there was nothing, not even time

No planets, no stars, no hip-hop, no rhyme

But then there was a bang, like the sound of my gat

The universe was born, and the shit was phat

>Biz Bizang - M.C. Hawking

Nerdcore. It's what you get when you mix hip-hop, humor, talented geeks, the internet and the ease of making music with modern technology. While all nerdcore has those elements in common, there's a ton of individuality in every artist I've heard so far. Their styles, topics and attitudes differ.

Don’t fuck with a geek, just cuz he got a gift.

You get in my way bitch you get a Vulcan neck pinch.

One night I didn’t go to sleep, up playin’ Risk.

At dawn, I won, got global dominance.

>Geek - mc chris

Some artists, like mc chris ( iTunes - Wikipedia - MySpace ), are probably more of an acquired taste than others. His lyrics are full of both geek self-deprecation and geek bravado. He raps about grades, role-playing games, weed, girls and jocks with a style that's like a cartoon gangsta rapper. (The cartoon bit isn't a stretch, he does voices for Cartoon Network.)

MC Hawking ( iTunes - Wikipedia - MySpace ) takes the parody to the next level, though. Imagine if Stephen Hawking, yes, that Stephen Hawking, was a hard-core gangsta rapper, delivering his rhymes via a synthesized voice from a wheelchair. Some folks might think this irreverent pardoy an affront to Hawking and his brilliance, but MC Hawking pokes no fun at the astronomer and, if anything, honors him. And it's funny as hell.

Obey the moderator, create a state of calm,

Scan sentences and announce who's wrong.

You are the troller, one week ban.

I know your other screen name, man.

>Obey The Moderator - Optimus Rhyme

Optimus Rhyme ( iTunes - Wikipedia - MySpace ) and MC Frontalot ( iTunes - Wikipedia - MySpace ) are great examples of clever artists that might be better stepping stones for anyone put off by the "gangsta-ness" of mc chris or MC Hawking. It's also worth pointing out that Optimus Rhyme is the best nerdcore name in existence.

DangerDoom ( iTunes - Wikipedia - MySpace ) is a great place to start for fans of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, since their songs are filled with references and clips. (Notable is the fact that Adult Swim endorses them.) Aside from the cartoon clips, they also have a sound that's probably more aligned with current hip-hop trends than anywne else.

The nerdcore could rise up, it could get elevated.

Oh and wouldn’t all of those tough rappers hate it,

If the nerdcore rose up and got elevated?

We consider the possibleness of this not overstated.

>Nerdcore Rising - MC Frontalot

The last artist I'm going to mention is MC Lars ( iTunes - Wikipedia - MySpace ). I mention him last because he's probably the most successful currently as he has the style that's probably the most palpable to the mainstream. He blends a poppy-punk sound with happy hip-hop and a very non-threatening, indie-rocker, frat-kid voice. Songs like "Download This Song" and "Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock" have even gotten airplay on commercial stations. None of this is to say his success is not deserved, the kid is talented and creative. In fact, he might be the best starting point for anyone looking into nerdcore.

The Berlin Wall fell and out we came,

the post-Cold War kids laid claim to AIM.

LOL, OMG, yo, BRB.

Space, colon, dash, closed parenthesis.

We sat at our laptops and typed away,

and found that we each had something to say.

Web-logged our fears, our hopes and dreams.

Individuated by digital means.

>iGeneration - MC Lars

And that's the end of me pretending to be a music critic.

There are a bunch of other artists out there, if your interested in exploring it further. Let me know what you find. If you already have, and this whole nerdcore thing is old hat to you, then fuck you fold holdin' out, jack. Who do you like?