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TiVo to the third power


Yesterday, the Cable Guy™ came by and "installed" the cableCARDs for my new TiVo Series 3 box. I say "installed" because the cards are just PCMCIA style cards that slide into slots on the back of the TiVo unit. He didn't even push them in far enough and I had to finish the "installation" by clicking them into place.

Well, at least the cards are free and installation was only $15. Some folks, as reported over on PVRblog, are having a helluva time dealing with Comcast over the cards. Some are being asked to pay a fee for the cards, some are having to rent them. Others are being told they will have to pay up to $75 for installation. Others still are getting them from the cable offices and installing the cards themselves. Some folk can't even get 'em.

All in all, my Comcast/Tivo Series3/cableCARD experience was very good, by comparisson. It only could have been better if they could have given me the cards at the office.

Anyways, it doesn't matter now though, because good bye Motorola piece of crap DVR and welcome back TiVo. My living room has missed you.

Very happy with the Series 3 so far. TiVo + HD = awesomeness. It's a proven mathematical fact.

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