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Xbox 360 (r3vZERO wants to play)


So, I broke down and got an Xbox 360. I've been debating it for a while, but the excellence of the system, the Xbox Live marketplace and the fact that I have more than a few friends who have it all eventually tipped the scales. I spent a week or so pressing my 360 owning friends for reasons NOT to buy, but fell short.

And I am stoked.

The system is fantastic. The graphics are awe-inspiring on my 42" plasma TV, especially the HD games that support 720p. (Burnout 360, for example, is pure adrenaline in high-def.) The wireless controllers are awesome. Coming from the PS2, it took a little getting used to the change, but the learning curve was over in minutes.

Xbox Live Marketplace is also killer. Being able to download cool little games like Bejeweled (which Annette is now addicted to), Geometry Wars and Texas Hold 'Em is pretty sweet. The ability to download game demos directly to the Xbox is one of the smartest moves ever. (Of course, PC/Mac games have had this feature for a long time. Consoles were relegated to game demos on disc for a long time, though. This is a major step.)

I've only got a handful of games so far (of which, surprisingly Rockstar's Table Tennis is probably eating most of my time) but there's some good stuff our and great stuff on the horizon. If you've got any must-have games, let me know.

So, anyways... if I haven't already hit you up for your gamertag, go ahead and friend me. I'm r3vZERO. (Stupid 3+ character minimums in usernames.)

Sony: -1, Microsoft: +1

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