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MacWorld '07 / Diggnation


MWSF '07On Wednesday, I went up to MacWorld in SF, like I do every year. I was pretty happy to see it was bigger than the last couple of years. The Expo expanded back across the street into the other hall at Moscone. I was also quite happy to see that the iPod accessories, while still over-represented, weren't necessarily the majority of the booths either. It seemed like it was definitely headed that way last year.

There was one iPhone on display, with throngs of people gathered around it, snapping pictures with their now humbled phones in an odd form of obeisance. I think I could almost make out the sound of the iPhone laughing at them from within it's popemobile-like glass case. There are enough pictures of the phone on the web, so I only took pictures of the crowd. That was more amusing. I will say, however, the phone is thinner than you might think.

There were a lot of the normal attendees, both exhibitors and familiar faces. My friend Smittie remarked about how you see certain faces year after year, even though you don't know who they are. It would be kind of funny to greet one like a long lost friend, until he or she, inevitably, does not have the same level of recognition of you. Then it would just be sad.

MWSF '07 One company that had some cool Mac casemods had one that was all white, which they invited people to write on, with their provided markers. I found a square centimeter in which I could leave my mark. I opted to write my monicker, instead of peeing on it. I thought that would be rude.

Diggnation I ended the day at the live Diggnation taping. There was a massive crowd there, and we didn't find where the taping was happening in time to have good seats. The show was pretty good, even though I think I only heard about 4 out of every 5 words. (You can follow most of a conversation with only 80% of the words, but sometimes you miss something crucial in a punchline.) No worries, though. I'll catch the episode when it comes out to see if I missed any crucial jokes. heh.

Any how, pretty good MacWorld, but I gotta say: Highlights were all Apple and Diggnation. Next year, I expect to see cool iPhone accessories.

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