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Now on A2Hosting.


If you're seeing this message, that means the new nameservers are doing their jobs. Yay.

I've been shopping for a new web host for ages. I found A2Hosting a while back, and liked what the had to offer quite a bit. I was then prompted to pull the trigger when Merlin Mann offered a 20% off FOR LIFE code over on his blog, 43Folders. (I won't post the code here, you gotta go to Merlin's blog to get it.) So, here I am. If you are in need of a good hosting service, take a look at A2Hosting's info. If you want feedback from me, personally, though... come back in a few months. :)

PS: Something is messed up with the install/setup. Many links are 404, atm. Working on it, but it may be later this weekend.

PPS: Awesome. Moshu over at the Wordpress support forums set me on the right track to fix the problem. Bonus fix: My RSS feeds are back.