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Grr. Must attend TAM 6. (In 2008... argh.)


About this time last year, I blogged about missing The Amazing Meeting 4.

So, it's time for my new, unfortunate, annual tradition of bitching about missing this year's TAM.

Unlike last year, I knew exactly when TAM 5 was coming. However, I just couldn't make it work. I guess that is, perhaps, one step closer to actually attending. Knowing beforehand that I wasn't going to make it was supposed to soften the blow of not actually going.

However, coverage of this year's event is so much better than last year's that it's almost painful. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for all the bloggers and podcasters that are talking about it and I'm enjoying the discussions and interviews. It is, however, a stark reminder that I did not go.

So, now I vow to go to TAM 6. (This is different from last year's statement of intent because I used the word "vow". It's a very strong word, you know.) I can't believe it's a year away.


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