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CommentSpam On The Rise


I have 97 comments are awaiting moderation. I believe that 100% of them are spam. I was beginning to think that Akismet (the Wordpress anti-spam plugin) was falling down on the job. Yeah, I was thinking that until that I saw that it had caught over 12,090 spam comments. Ok, I guess that's a pretty good percentage. heh.

Unlike the email spam that I see which is usually limited to 2 or 3 different topics, the blogspam seems to have no such focus. Spam topics in this batch range from
"fatty liver disease" to "group lesbian porn". (Stop clicking that, it's not a link.)

CommentSpam is interesting because unlike email spam and other advertising attempts, they are not trying to get to your eyes through my blog. They're trying to get to Google's. It's all about the pagerank. Obnoxious.