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Queen of Ad Hominem


Thinkprogress.org, a blog hailing from the far left of the spectrum, has a lovely video clip of Ann Coulter commenting on John Edwards. Now, while Thinkprogress has a noticable bias and/or agenda, they can't spin actual video and there's no amount of missing context that would make this ok.

She calls Edwards a "faggot" while speaking to the "American Conservative Union". The audience gasps a tiny bit in that quaint "oh no she di'n't" kinda way, and then fucking applauds. Of course, I think the only surprising part about that is that they didn't stand up and shout Seig Heil.

Yeah, that was a not-so-thinly veiled nazi reference. (If this were Usenet, you could invoke Godwin's Law, I suppose. Good thing it isn't.) So, let me take a second to say that I don't think the ACU are actually Nazis or even facists. (Ok, maybe facists.) More to the point, I think everyone who applauded her comments are a bunch of fucktards. And that's not hyperbole, dear friends.

Ann Coulter is a fucking loudmouthed bitch who should be assaulting people with perfume spritzes at Macy's not publicly commenting on, well, anything relevant. She's the skinny, blonde, female version of Rush Limbaugh, so she's essentially a big, fat, blowhard that doesn't look like one. The world would be better off if we took her, Rush, Michael Moore and Al Franken and turned them into soylent green.

I'm sure her book sales have just had a little spike upwards.

FOAD, Ann. How's that for ad hominem, you whore for the Republican party?