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Podcasts I follow (updated)


This topic comes up now and again, and it recently popped up on one of my forums. So, I thought I'd bring my response over here to the blog. this time, I'm providing links to the home for each podcast. All are available on iTunes.

The must watch list:

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe - discussion of all things skeptical

Geekscape - movies, comics, games...

the Totally Rad Show - movies, comics, games...

SModcast - Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier just shootin' the shit

TWiT - Leo Laporte, tech news and discussion

Diggnation - two guys, a couch, some beer and digg stories

I always try to keep up with the following shows:

Girls on Film - Heather and Suzanne review movies

TikiBarTV - you know what this is

Ctrl-Alt-Chicken (RIP?) - Geek cooking show, possibly ended

Boing Boing Boing - Boing Boing's audio podcast

I occasionally listen to or watch these, if I can find time (which means I am dreadfully behind):

InDigital - Gadgets brought to you by Jessica Corbin, Will Wheaton & Hahn Choi

Grammar Girl - Quick tips for better writing

Skepticality - Derek and Swoopy are skeptics too

net@nite - Leo and Amber MacArthur have a semilive talkshow

Web Drifter - someone let Martin Sareant loose on the web

thisisaknife - channel4 comedy video podcast

I still get these, but almost never listen/watch:

Fanboy Planet - comic discussions, run by a friend of a friend

MacBreak - Leo's Mac-centric video show

Security Now - Leo & Stve Gibson talk computer security

Keith & The Girl - Keith and Chemda talk shit